Learning To Cope With Issues

Learning To Cope With Issues

Drug Addiction Treatment: Answering Questions You May Have About This Type of Care

by Rasmus Valli

Watching someone you love suffer with addiction can be an emotionally draining and frustrating experience to go through. While you may want to help him or her break the cycle of addiction, it is important to note that this will often require professional help. While drug addiction treatment centers can help individuals regain control over their lives, it can be difficult to convince your loved one to go to a facility. However, having these routine questions answered should help you get your loved one the type of care he or she needs.

How Can You Approach a Loved One That Is Resistant to Professional Addiction Treatment?

There are many people that resist enrolling in treatment programs for a variety of reasons. Often, this stems from a denial that they have a problem, and until you can get your loved one to acknowledge he or she has an issue, you may find it impossible to convince him or her to enroll. 

To this end, you may need to hold an intervention to help make your loved one realize the damage the addiction is causing to those around him or her. During an intervention, you should have the people that your loved one respects the most tell him or her the times the addiction hurt their feelings or damaged their relationship. These events can be uncomfortable, but it may be the only way to make your addicted loved one see the severity of the problem. 

Will Your Loved One Have To Stay at the Treatment Facility?

Most treatment facilities will want the patient to spend at least the first phase of the addiction recovery process living at the facility. This is to help give the person the space needed to establish new routines and habits while avoiding old triggers and easy access to drugs. 

While your loved one may not like the idea of staying in these facilities for several weeks, this is an important part of the recovery process. Luckily, he or she will not have to be alone because these institutions allow visitations to help provide the patient with the moral support he or she needs to get the most from these programs. 

A drug addiction treatment program can be an excellent way of helping your loved one regain control of his or her life from drugs. However, approaching your loved one about getting this type of care can be tricky because he or she may be in denial. By making the effort to hold an intervention as well as understanding that your loved one may need to stay at the facility for several weeks, you can have a better idea of how to get him or her to attend these programs and how these services can help a person win the battle against addiction. For further help, contact a representative from a facility like Pacific Ridge.


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