Learning To Cope With Issues

Learning To Cope With Issues

Why Robin Roberts Is Good Role Model For Young Girls

by Rasmus Valli

Women who make a difference provide hope for young girls. Some girls do not have support at home and may look to women in the spotlight for inspiration. Robin Roberts is a strong woman who faces every obstacle that comes at her in life. Here are some of the valuable lessons girls can learn from Robin Roberts.

Be Confident

Confidence is something that many young girls have a problem with for one reason or another. It is something that can get a lot of young girls in trouble. If you want to prevent this behavior, then it starts with the parents and having a good role model.

Robin Roberts is good example of a powerful woman with confidence. She have always been open about her health battles, but private about her sexuality. But, in 2013, Roberts announced on Facebook that Amber Laign was her longtime girlfriend. Many of her friends was not surprised. According to CNN, Roberts made this post after the first anniversary of 100 days of recovery from a bone marrow transplant.

It takes a lot of confidence to reveal your sexuality because you can get a negative or positive reaction from others. Confidence is something that young girls need to follow their goals.  

Fight to Survive

It is hard to grow up as a teenager in today's society. Young girls have to deal with peer pressure, drugs and bullying. It is important to get back up when you get knocked down.

Roberts is an excellent example of someone who overcame struggles. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She completed chemotherapy and radiation to treat the disease. In 2012, Roberts were diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). MDS occurs when your blood cells do not mature and stay in your bone marrow.

She had just beat breast cancer five years ago, which meant Roberts had another fight to overcome. Roberts did not let this news get her down and prepared to fight the disease. She underwent a bone marrow transplant for treatment.

Overcome Losing a Loved One

It can have a negative effect on some girls when they lose a loved one. Some girls can taking losing a parent or friend as a reason to make bad decisions or to hurt themselves. Roberts is an example of someone who lost her mother and use that as a reason to keep fighting.

Roberts's mom, Lucimarian Roberts, died when Robin was about to go through treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome. She stopped what she was doing to go to her mother's bedside. Roberts did get a chance to see her mother before she died. However, parents have to teach their children how to deal with death in positive ways.

There are so many negative images of women being portrayed in the media. Young women can grow from hearing stories about positive women. Robin Roberts is definitely a powerful woman that is making a difference in the world. The development of a strong woman starts at home and continues with how you face the battles of life. 


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